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The most intuitive way to search on mobile or desktop is to remove the traditional keyword search requirements of knowledge, language and time and instead capture the subject of interest with a photo or video.

Cortexica has led the way in image/visual search in Retail for 10 years and can visually enable your product inventory in 24 hours to take advantage of a suite of applications to maximise a retailer’s online commerce.

  • Database / Inventory Image Search

    Remove barriers to customers searching your products online with a simple picture.

  • Product Discovery

    Provide customers an immersive and experiential journey of browsing online.

  • Object Recognition

    Identify and automatically search for products with a custom system set to your requirements.

Hyper Engagement

Increase and maintain customer engagement

With increasing expectations from customers for retailers to know what they want and to provide an experience and products specific to them, Cortexica’s Vision AI provides opportunities for superb connection.

Whether it is understanding and engaging your customers better through their interaction with images your business provides, or the analysis of User Generated Content (UGC), the visual information of personal taste, inspiration, aspiration and preferences extends the normal dry insights of Big Data.

  • Product Recommendation

    Personalised recommendations based on design tastes in browsing.

  • Out of Stock

    Keep customers’ attention by removing the barrier of Out of Stock by automatically providing similar alternative products.

  • UGC Analysis

    Extract data and preferences about your customers, such as favourite colours and patterns, from their own images and use this for your online tools.

Marketplace Performance

Compete with online retail specialist channels

Cortexica’s technologies and consulting provide a clear and quick way to maximise your online footprint without large investment in staff or agency fees.

Search engine providers require an ever changing set up of your online feed, with increased quality controls to ensure a productive search presence. Cortexica can set up a bespoke and automatic system to operate this for you.

  • Image Quality Enhancement

    Improve the quality of images posted on your websites.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Automate standards to ensure authenticity, relevancy and trustworthiness.

  • Image Duplicate Removal

    Prevent penalties for duplication and supplier product image crossover.

  • Metadata Structure Improvement

    Normalise, populate and complete incorrect metadata to your custom hierarchy or taxonomy.

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