Why We are World Leading

Developed in Imperial College London, Cortexica’s unique technology is based on human visual processes. It mimics how the brain’s visual cortex perceives images, rather than purely machine-based learning.

Here are a few reasons why Cortexica is a global leader at delivering image recognition and other solutions to search by image:



Cortexica delivers accuracy of 95%, the same as a human being.


Our image results for traffic consistently deliver return results in less than 700ms.


Our flexible, cloud-based infrastructure allows us to instantly scale new hardware to deliver when clients hit peak hours. We use the best technology available, utilising the fastest GPU processors to meet the increasing demands of the end users.

End-to-End Solutions

Alongside cutting edge-technology, Cortexica has an experienced team of experts in the retail, manufacturing, FMCG and automotive industries.

A number of world expert PhD research scientists and engineers who tailor the technical solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients, consistently excelling at delivering quality returns on investment.


About Our Technolgy


In 2005, Cortexica’s patented technology was conceived in the labs of Imperial College London by world renowned founder Dr. Anil Anthony Bharath and Jeffrey Ng. Over a decade has passed and the technology has matured into the best reverse image search solution for retail in the world.

Our 30 strong R&D scientists, which includes 9 PhDs, have developed and enhanced our solutions utilising our very own “secret sauce”. Computer Vision and Deep Learning (supervised and unsupervised) techniques form the basis of our technology and provide the ability to search by image with speed and accuracy.

Using our own code base means we can combine and adjust configurations to meet the demands of individual clients. This customisable approach is delivered using fully automated RESTful APIs that our clients can plug into their software, apps and websites.


Fundamentally, our technology provides the capability to search by image to find similar or matching images and product items. We work with our clients to understand each use case and combine our core technologies to provide the highest accuracy and fastest response times – under 1 second from a customer uploading a new image to presenting your inventory results.


Our technologies can automatically detect and segment the image, automatically apply the right configurations and process a response in less than 600 milliseconds.

Computer Vision Methods

Our patented methods process several visual channels in parallel, such as scale, texture, colour and shape, looking at 1500 points of interest in each image. Depending on our client’s industry we can utilise other techniques. For example, within fashion we can use face/body detection to deliver higher accuracy.

Deep Learning

Depending on requirements we utilise different models (RNN & CNN) to learn, detect and categorise. We can even base our models on our clients’ own unique images and metadata, as we firmly believe that one size does not fit all. We then automatically identify and categorise any of our client’s image assets and auto tag their products.

Applying a mix of our core technologies, we deliver numerous solutions, such as:


Product Discovery – Exact Match and findSimilar


Duplicate Image Detection


Auto Categorisation of Products


Mobile Commerce – Shopping by Camera


Auto Tagging of Attributes


Brand Tracking (Video)


Digital Library Management


Smart Search Box – Text Free Site Browsing


Our technology is delivered over an integrated, secure and scalable cloud service and is built to easily scale to our clients’ needs.

Complex Processing

Our service is running over the latest available high performance NVIDIA GPUs to provide the very best results in accuracy and speed.


We can scale our service to billions of images, in the field of Big Data, whilst maintaining the highest speed and accuracy.


We can provide a distributed solution which means your customer, wherever they are in the world, will get the very best response times.

Secure & Reliable

With an uptime of 99.98%, our client’s service and data is continuously secured from any threats and surges in traffic.

02_cortexica_logo_findsimilar   findSimilar

Our findSimilar core technology brings together years of research and experience in the retail industry. Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques we provide image search solutions that deliver measurable results to our clients.

At the simplest level, our solutions allow customers to search by an image for similar items in a designated product inventory. Used primarily for e-commerce, this can significantly increase conversion rates and basket size by continuously providing relevant results.

Reverse Image Search / Exact Match

Utilising our Exact Match core technology we also provide solutions that can be used to reverse image search to find matching products and logos. Analysing attributes such as pattern and shape, our technology can scan images and videos to find matching items, even if they are rotated or skewed.

In addition we provide a number of solutions to recognise duplicates and even product recognition within video content – with each solution customised to the client’s specific requirements in every case.