The Team

Cortexica is made up of Research, Engineering and Commercial teams who create and deliver all aspects of our products and solutions.

Research Team

Led by our Head of Research, Eduard Vazquez, the Research team devote their time to conceiving and testing new methods and techniques around Image Recognition, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Our approach is to tailor our solutions to each client, rather than a one-size-fits-all policy, so that we can ensure that the technology we deliver to them is specifically suited to their inventory and their retail sector, whether its apparel, shoes or other categories.

Engineering Team

Lead by our CTO, Stuart Hubbard, the engineering team develop the successful research into high-performance technical applications.

The team manage our high performance, cutting edge 24/7 SaaS image recognition system to onboard and update client inventory, develop and enhance the platform where new functionality and features are deployed and the various test and cloud-based environments that we use.

Solutions Team

Led by our Chief Solutions Officer, Alastair Harvey, the solutions team consists of retail specialists and support engineers.

The team is client-facing, helping to guide and assist our clients to ensure they attain the most benefit from our technology and are involved during the initial sales process as well as the ongoing day-to-day account management. Our team are available to our clients around the clock to ensure they can achieve their respective goals and objectives.

The Board and Management

David Soskin

David became Chairman of Cortexica in January 2014…

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Iain McCready

Iain joined the business in March 2011. Iain has over…

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Anil Anthony Bharath
Non-Executive Director

Anil co-founded Cortexica in 2008 and became a…

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Jon Edington
Non-Executive Director

Jon is an investment director at Touchstone¬†Innovations…

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Scott White
Non-Executive Director

Scott co-founded Cortexica in 2008 and took the role of…

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Alastair Harvey
Chief Solutions Officer

Alastair joined Cortexica in 2014 as Chief Solutions Officer bringing…

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Stuart Hubbard

Stuart has been a CTO / IT Director for over ten years, working at…

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Spyros Karageorgis

Spyros has over 15 years of leadership experience across…

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