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Increase Engagement

With increasing expectations from customers for businesses to know what they want and provide an experience and products specific to them, the opportunities vision AI provides allows greater connection and analytics.

Whether it is understanding and engaging your customers better through their interaction with images your business provides, or the analysis of UGC, the visual information of personal taste, inspiration, aspiration and preferences extends the normal dry insights of Big Data.

Search 4.0

Maximise Touchpoints

Keywords are dead. The more intuitive way to search is to remove the traditional keyword search requirements of knowledge, language and time; and instead capture the subject of interest with a photo or video.

Cortexica has led the way in image/visual search for 10 years and offers a suite of applications to make search quicker with less barriers and more intuitive.

Operational Process

Automate at Scale

With great emphasis on saving internal costs through time and process efficiencies, Cortexica’s technologies and consulting provides rationalisation across many departments and functions of a business.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Visual Analytics

Displaying and analysing the numerical or visual data from systems such as customer touchpoints, or manufacturing lines, is crucial visibility needed to prepare for change and make business improvements.

Cortexica leads with significant advances in predictive vision analytics, either from real-time video or financial reporting.

Solution Delivery

Custom solutions are delivered over a secure and scalable cloud service and is built to integrate with any legacy systems and scale to our clients needs

Complex Processing

Our service is running over the latest available high performance NVIDIA GPUs to provide the very best results in accuracy and speed.


We can provide a distributed solution which means your customer, wherever they are in the world, will get the very best response times.

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