Why Retailers Work with Cortexica


Customer Experience & Personalisation

Engage and inspire your customers into finding relevant products from your inventory.

Click & Brick Unity

Our Retail Platform modules bring together the physical and digital retail industries.

Increase Sales

Drive sales of additional items by creating outfits and pivot-searching similar products.

Speed to Market

Quick and easy implementation to react quickly to market trends and user demands.

Why Retailers Work with Cortexica

Photo Search Engine For Websites and Devices

M-Commerce & E-Commerce API

Our flexible findSimilar and Exact Match REST API’s enable our powerful Visual Search technology to be seamlessly and simply integrated into mobile and web-based applications. Industry leading features, such as automatic product identification and auto body cropping are provided as standard.


Extend online engagement in-store with our API that allows Customer Service Associates to control product enquiries via a tablet or mobile, or customers to shop in an experiential way. Full in-store and online inventories of complementary products, replenishment items, SKU variances and stock levels can be quickly searched visually on-device, retaining customer engagement on the shop floor.

Look Builder

A module that enables the E / M-commerce teams to create personalized product associations in looks, themes and promotions, all linked by visual elements. Remove irrelevant data driven suggestions and instead inspire your customer with recommendations that reflect your brand language.

Product Discovery

Maximize the ROI of your website by allowing customers to browse products in an intuitive and immersive way using the visual elements they engage with. Enhancing your website with our visual search tools removes the barriers to purchase of complex multiple filters, incorrect keyword submission and Out of Stock results.

Smart Search Box

Our Smart Search Box allows your customers to use their own photos to search for exact or similar products on your website, both on mobile and desktop sites. They simply upload or drag an image into the Smart Search Box and it will then search from the product images available. The results will show all of the most similar products from your inventory, that the customer can then purchase, without using any metadata.

Digital Image Management

Reduce time and inaccuracies in searching for exact or similar images in your current or archived database, or inventory. With the ability to drop and search by an image, the process is significantly faster and allows products across categories to be found by similar colour, pattern or shape.

Auto Image Tagging / Duplicates

With Big Data processing abilities, Cortexica can automatically tag images of products with a retailer’s preferred hierarchy and taxonomy structure. Saving expensive manual work, all images are returned with the correct metadata structure attached. A similar process can be used to identify duplicates in a batch of images.


A module that allows for visibility of what products or inspiration images your customers are capturing to search for products. Gain crucial insight in real time on the consumer trends driving their shopping habits.

Cortexica’s Retail Solution

Maximise Your Online Channels

Maximise your Online Channels

Web-based and mobile shopping continues to evolve and Visual Search provides your customers with a quick and convenient way to find relevant products online. By offering a smoother user experience you can increase basket size, average per-user spend and repeat visits. Unlike other tech organisations Cortexica has a team of dedicated retail sector experts working closely with clients to ensure you maximise revenues and ROI across your online channels.

Improve the In-Store Experience

Cortexica’s leading Image Recognition and Visual Search technology can combine the digital and physical shopping experiences. Our technology can be integrated with POS systems and in store devices to provide your customers with an engaging in store experience. Retailers can have the opportunity to track and fulfil in-store customer requests, provide relevant product suggestions, whilst generating valuable analytics and consumer trend data.

Streamline Retail Operations

Cortexica offers a cutting-edge SaaS platform that can help to streamline all aspects of the retail operations spectrum. Our comprehensive retail platform helps to streamline inventory management, visual merchandising and other parts of the supply chain to save you time and money. Whether working with one store or across multiple locations, our cost-effective platform reduces friction across your entire supply chain, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately increasing your profits.