An insight into image recognition: From medical to retail, back to medical

Alastair Harvey, Cortexica’s Chief Solutions Officer, spoke about Cortexica’s innovative new applications for image recognition at NVIDIA’s Inception Connect: AI in Healthcare event, held on 26 June in London.

Inception Connect is part of the NVIDIA Inception program, an initiative for young AI companies that supports 1,300 startups worldwide with technology, connections and other resources to help them be successful. The events bring together the most innovative AI startups with potential customers, partners and investors.

The events also included speakers from Baby Progress, Eagle Genomics and Kheiron Medical Technology. From detecting cancer to delivering babies, it’s clear that the impact of AI on healthcare will be transformative. Inception Connect provided an exciting insight into the way companies are unlocking and utilising the vast capabilities of AI to improve the healthcare services we all receive… and this is only the beginning!

In his presentation, Alastair discussed Cortexica’s ongoing journey with AI and image recognition. Cortexica initially applied its image recognition technology to the retail sector, with Cortexica’s FindSimilar visual search platform transforming how customers discover products both online and instore.

In the past few years, however, Cortexica has seen increasing demand for image recognition technology across a number of sectors and applications, fuelled by the growing trend amongst corporates to adopt AI-powered solutions to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, Cortexica has continued to develop its image recognition technology (supported by NVIDIA graphics processing units), and the company is working in partnership with a range of businesses to provide AI solutions across a broad range of applications, including medical imaging and personal protective equipment (PPE).


“Medical imaging and PPE equipment are just two of an array of novel applications for which Cortexica’s artificial intelligence image recognition technology can provide solutions,” Alastair said.


“The power and potential for our technology grows daily and we are immensely excited by the new opportunities this is providing across a range of verticals.”

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Photo credit – NVIDIA