A highlight of CEATEC 2017 was the opportunity to present at the “The UK - At the Vanguard of the Digital Economy” seminar, jointly hosted by the British Embassy Tokyo and the British Department for International Trade (DIT)

The ‘Essential AI’ talk was inspired by strategy, economics and biology (with a little experience sprinkled in) and instead of the usual fluff about; what is intelligence, losing jobs and robots taking over the World, it offers sound advice to firstly why embrace and secondly how businesses should go about implementing AI. There are serious competitiveness and efficiency opportunities to be gained. However, not unlike the dawn of the Internet, the economics are currently public perception, but this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and investment needs to start now…this message is not only for the private sector. The data land grab and talent is in full effect!

This resonated a certain note for the traditional Japanese companies who face disruption and it was fascinating to witness @ CEATEC Open Innovation and AI now being widely adopted – albeit in its early stages of exploration towards automation and augmentation.

Essential AI

“AI is the hot topic, nearly every blogger, schoolkid and now enterprise are discussing it. What this means for your business and how to engage can be challenging questions. Essential AI, exposes the basic truths and uncovers some myths to how a business should consider AI – offering a few top tips towards your AI strategy.”


The presentation finished with a few key pointers, which by no means is exhaustive but a smart blueprint for initial considerations to an AI First Strategy.