Accidents happen, right?

No matter how many times you run through safety drills or other training talks, some workers will always forget basic precautions, including their personal protective equipment (PPE)

Cortexica, working in partnership with Cisco use machine learning and video analytics to ensure employee safety with ‘AI-Safe’. AI-Safe is a solution delivered in partnership with Cisco that monitors workers and what they are wearing, e.g. hardhat, footwear or other PPE against a set of pre-defined rules. Any non-compliant or missing PPE will be flagged up, and access to the workplace denied or restricted until properly equipped.

‘AI-Safe’ takes AI into the workplace, ensuring the health and safety of individuals, business productivity whilst staying compliant.

Cortexica, at Mi-IDEA

Cortexica are proud to be part of Cisco’s innovation centre Mi-IDEA in Manchester where visitors are welcome to demonstrate AI-Safe and see the benefits first hand.

Mi-IDEA is Cisco’s second start-up focused innovation centre in the UK, located in Manchester’s Science Park. Cisco’s first innovation centre is in London, IDEALondon which launched in 2013.