FindSimilar™ For Shoes

FindSimilar™ For Shoes Mobile Image Search

find similar image searchAs an extension to the capabilities of Cortexica’s FindSimilar™ technology we have devised an advanced shape algorithm specifically designed to work in combination with the existing visual search platform, but this time the computer vision algorithms are specifically tuned to look for shapes. What this means is when shape is really important to finding the right style, for example when recognizing a shoe, then this feature is a critical requirement for any retailer looking to design in the state of the art image search technology into their app.

The application of this technology is unique for the Shoe, Handbag and accessory the on-line and mobile Fashion marketplace. With it, retailers and major brand owners are enabling their customers to start their individual searches for fashion accessories by just by taking a picture.

find similar image searchFashion is all about, style, image and inspiration. Either from magazines pictures, street style images, photo’s of friends outfits or specific shop window styles you may see in the High Street, Cortexica’s FindSimilar™ mobile image search platform gives you the opportunity to embed technology into your mobile app that can inspired your users to find what they see around them just by taking a picture and asking the system to find what they are looking for. Finding items couldn’t be more inspirational as traditional text based search or drop down category specific menu searches just don’t cut it!

Cortexica FindSimilar™ for Fashion visual search technology bridges the gap from images to inventory providing consumers natural image search capabilities to find what they are looking for within one click!

If you’d like to use our FindSimilar™ Images Search API, please get in touch.

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