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Introducing BrandTrak
BrandTrak™ has reset the baseline in objective, empirical and quantitative data measurement of brand recognition within video
Seeing brands the way people do
We have combined our extensive research in reverse-engineering the human visual system, with our proprietary algorithms, to create a revolutionary technology that models human perception, such that our system can recognise brands within static and moving images (video) in real-time, under different viewing conditions, just the way people do!

Objective and empirical
The problem with us humans is we are all unique. We all interpret what we see differently, and at times with vast disparity.

Using image-based focus of attention, BrandTrak empirically records a matrix of measurements necessary for objective reporting.

Multiple channels monitored 24/7
Because Cortexica BrandTrak is indifferent to all the influences that make us humans poor at repetitive complex tasks, it can identify your logo, continuously, time after time, whilst maintaining consistency (repeatable accuracy), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, across a variety of broadcast channels.

Our computerised visual recognition system enables us to record quantitative measurements of your brand:
  • Logo size and coverage (of screen)
  • Logo visibility (0-100%)
  • Logo orientation (angle)
  • Logo screen portion (where it appears)
  • Logo colour and luminance saliency
  • Temporal dynamics
  • Velocity or acceleration

Trend analysis and exportability
Having recorded the precise quantitative measurements, Cortexica BrandTrak will then provide trend based on averages, per video clip, per hour, per day, week, month and YTD. All data is also exportable as common data file formats.

BrandTrak screen shots
The C-impact™
To enable immediate, repeatable comparison of measurement against a baseline, we have created the C-impact.

Derived from a matrix of available image and brand data, recognised from the image, together with perceptual understanding of human vision, the C-impact provides an immediate reference point of how effectively your logo was shown in each frame of video.

This is how we have created the baseline in measurement of brands.
BrandTrak PDF
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